Personal Loans Made Simple

ClickON Finance have access to several personal loan products that have a fixed interest rate to give you peace of mind, with secured and unsecured options available, starting from 13.99% and a flexible repayment term of up to 7 years available for approved applicants.

Personal Loans can be great for a number of reasons…  They can be used to for consolidating debts and simplifying your life or can be used for a specific purchase such as a car, boat, caravan even a holiday, medical expenses, a wedding even school fess.

A personal loan may be the option for you for a purchase of a product that may not be able to be obtained through traditional finance lease options due to the type of product, age of product or when combined with debt consolidation.

Want to finance the shortfall of your previous car loan?

You might be eligible to borrow more than the cost of your new car, and pay back any shortfall at the same time. Depending on the vehicle you are looking to finance we may be able to tailor a solution that consolidates the shortfall of your previous vehicle into the loan for the new car.

You can make extra payments on your loan any time.

Many customers ask us if they make extra payments to try and finish up loans early which a personal loans offers.

Or you could structure your loan to spend the life of the loan paying interest only, then pay the car value in one big payment at the end. This is called a ‘balloon payment’, and people often fund the final payment by selling the car.

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