It’s Time To Get Equipped to Succeed

ClickON Finance provides no-fuss equipment finance to new and existing businesses.

No matter if you’re a start-up business, have no financials or limited trading history, we won’t ask you to put your house on the line. We look at your vision for growth seriously!

Most traditional lenders want to lock you in Long-Term, here at ClickON Finance, we have access to specialist equipment rental lenders who can provide flexible short-term 12 month agreements – perfect if you’re looking to diversify  your operations, take advantage of projects, or trial new equipment.

Our affordable weekly payments means that it’s budget friendly and kind on your cash flow. What’s more, your payments are fully tax deductable, and considered an operational expense, rather than having it as a liability on your profit and loss statement

Unique to the marketplace, our Rent.Grow.Own Solution means you can reap all of the advantages of renting, without losing out. If you purchase your equipment within the first 12 months of renting, you can claim a 75% net rental rebate. If you decide to purchase outside of this timeframe, the rebate is still generous.

How Does A Rent.Grow.Own Funding Solution

  1. Choose Equipment
  2. Apply For Funding
  3. 12 Month Contract
  4. Get Your Equipment
  5. Pay Weekly Rent

At 12 Months You Can Choose:

  1. Purchase the Equipment
    If you decide that ownership is the option that most suits you, and you’re in a position to pay out, why not take advantage of our 75% net rental rebate?
  2. Return the Equipment
    If the equipment no longer suits your business, or your core operation has changed, simply return with no penalties
  3. Continue Renting
    If you want to keep your options open, simply keep renting the equipment and watch the purchase price continue to drop.
  4. Grow Own Plus
    If you want to work towards equipment ownership, why not take advantage of our Go.Own.Plus 36 month product? You’ll enjoy a 30% discount on your weekly payments

Your Next Step…

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