We are revolutionising the tired and stuffy old finance industry and we are on the lookout for like-minded innovators and go getters who know how to play nicely together.


We have a few affiliate programs that aim to fulfil on a single minded intention – Help Grow Your Business!

Here at ClickON Finance, we are about forging partnerships based on 3 pillars:

  • deliver strategic outcomes
  • gain more insight into your client’s needs
  • generate more business for both business partners

We achieve the above based on a congruent business growth strategy that your entire personnel can get behind. We have developed a simple non-invasive business growth system that makes it easy for your clients to want to participate.

Why should YOU choose to refer customers to ClickON Finance

  • We have a proven and exclusive referral marketing system that customers want to be of
  • Our marketing referral system is super easy for clients to participate
  • Our processes overcome tightening regulatory compliance
  • Little to No work involved
  • Our system enables your team to collect more data about your client
  • Our system Thanks your clients for doing business with them
  • Our system further thanks your clients for providing new referrals
  • It generates renewed energy and excitement across all personnel
  • Our system allows your entire team to want to participate because it’s fun
  • We teach your team how to use the strategy to further grow the business
  • Our system helps your team grow business opportunity without having to be salesy
  • Our system will help grow revenue and increase referral for both partners

Give us a call to discover how ClickON Finance Business Growth System can meet your business objectives with our unique range of tailored solutions.

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ASIC have made significant in-roads into regulating Australian Financial Services licensing along with overhauling responsible lender disclosure obligations. ClickON Finance is fully accredited under ACL # 383999 and we have proven systems that keep a very tight reign over compliance procedures.

ClickON provides the opportunity for financial planning and accounting firms to quickly, and with little expense, deliver a comprehensive and flexible consumer or commercial asset finance solution service to their clients.

How you benefit from working with ClickON Finance

  • Dedicated Finance Director servicing your practice
  • We improve customer retention by differentiating your services from those of your competitors
  • Our referral marketing engagement system is highly desirable to participate in for both your staff and client
  • We offer solutions to your customers for their most important financial concerns
  • We add value to your current service offering without adding to your workload
  • Access to specialised asset class professionals
  • Access to our expertise in Business Consulting
  • Commitment to transparent and timely communication
  • Free reporting – Our state-of-the art technology tracks client source, work-in progress
  • Free learning / presentation programs
  • Potential to derive an income for the practice


We are accredited with industry memberships

  • Accredited for Asset Finance
  • Accredited for Commercial Lending
  • FBAA (Membership)
  • COSL (Membership)
  • PI (Professional indemnity Insurance)

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Would you like to establish, enhance or outsource your F&I department?

Dealerships are facing greater regulatory compliance that comes with losing NCCP exemption.

ClickON Car Loans can provide Car Dealers & Vendors with an outsourced or contracted Business Manager (BM) solution:

This could be ideal for a few reasons:

  1. Your dealership needs a BM or wants a fully compliant F&I department without all the regulatory hassle;
  2. If your dealership already has a BM and you wish to widen the product range to deliver greater value and solutions, but are unable to source lender products directly.

ClickON Car Loans can supply your dealership with a fully accredited & contracted BM, we will:

  • Provide access to a wide lender panel to ensure your deals are secured and profit is protected;
  • Ensure speedy assessments, settlements and clear lines of communication between all stakeholders;
  • Manage all aspects of compliance, and
  • Deliver an additional revenue source from a wider array of solutions;

We serve and protect your dealership’s interest and are committed to building on your reputation and integrity in the marketplace.

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We love our fellow industry professionals who specialise in Mortgage Lending, we are just like you, we know what it’s like running a brokerage service, we share the same experiences day in day out.

That why we created the industry’s most engaging Business Growth Strategy customised specifically for Mortgage Specialists partnering with our own ClickON Asset Finance team that aim to advocate for one-another to build on core customer relationships.

We are a team of small business professionals with big vision and a culture for delivering mutually rewarding outcomes. We are asset finance specialist’s; we don’t handle mortgages as our preference is to partner with our trusted referral network in geographical jurisdictions.

Our main point of difference from every other broker in our sector is that we have a highly engaging referral marketing system that your customer and ours actually want to participate in because the rewards are enormous.

Our system is easy to implement, requires no sales pitch or significant effort, in fact our system is based on honouring relationships and saying thanks.

Curious to discover more?

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Are you unhappy with your current asset finance broker who promised you the world only to hand you an atlas? Have you fallen into the valley of death that many new brokers are swallowed by because they don’t have a system for generating new deals or a support system to overcome set-backs and frustrations.

Well you have landed in the right place… ClickON Finance is revolutionising the tired old ways of the finance industry and we are on the lookout for innovators and genuine go getters who have obtained their CERT IV in Finance & Mortgage Broking along with lender accreditations and can demonstrate a good understanding of compliance and lender criteria.

We have a modern and playful office environment where fun and productivity are measured equally.

We match this with high quality interactive group training coupled with ongoing 1-1 mentoring and support, to ensure our mutual goals are met and attained within measurable timeframes that are celebrated regardless of outcome.

If your intentions, ethics and heart cantered passions are in the right place, we will honour this with everything in our power to ensure you achieve deep personal satisfaction on whatever level you value most!

If you’re ready to join an innovator that is committed to your success, send in your CV to   dewayne@clickonfinance.com.au


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